Just a Girl

Just a girl, the world ahead of her,

Fallen victim to those who had lied to her.


Men who told her that she was beautiful and smart,

Men with wives and children, tearing her apart.


Swapping her body for a fix to help her forget,

Trying to smoke away all the regret.


Tells the police, they dismiss her concern,

Tell her she’s just a child, that she should learn.


So she goes back to the street,

To the place the text said to meet,

Tries not to let go of her old, happy life,

Until she falls that night, victim to a knife.



More on Human trafficking.

Ok, I haven’t blogged recently…whoops. Holidays, birthdays and the start of school have really taken up a lot of my time. But I’m back. One of the subjects I do is law and as part of my homework, I had to look at legislations and bills already passed or going through the house of commons. Now one thing I noticed was there was a lot about Northern Ireland, the EU and stuff like that, but what really grasped my attention was the legislations passed or being looked at about Human Trafficking. I remembered that I was still fighting against that and wanted to turn the 1 percent of saved victims to 100 percent saved victims.

I was feeling slightly unconfident a little while ago and I was looking at guys who liked my twin and girls who liked my brother and thinking, ‘no one likes me, Why can’t someone ask me out?’ (Both my brother and sister either has a girlfriend or has been asked to be someone’s girlfriend) Then later that day I started reading Start here, the follow up to do hard things by Brett and Alex Harris. And I noticed a few things. I noticed that there was a little voice saying that there was some stuff God wants me to do before I let some of  my attention be taken by a boy. But those are for another blog post.

One thing I found out was that the choclate industry gets it’s cocoa from Africa, cocoa that is harvested by child slaves. Child slaves who have to carry more than a hundred pounds on their heads and are beaten if they don’t do it or work fast enough. Children who have to go into a forest that is likely filled with poisonous animals and fumes carrying CHAINSAWS (!!!) to cut down trees. Children who are scarred because they have to cut the cocoa beans with machetes that are more likely to sink into their flesh than break the bean.

Having found this out I made a decsion. I am not eating choclate. Not only will this hopefully make my diet healthier but it also means I will not be endorsing the human trafficking industry.

Redefining Romance

Redefining romance. Big topic to cover isn’t it?

Romance is such a huge part of the lives of people of all ages all over the world. I am currently sitting in my grandparent’s house thinking over the happenings of the last few weeks. Not only have I left my youth group, but I also decided to redefine my view of romance. The internet is full of relationship goals and tips to get boyfriends, girlfriends and goodness knows what else. But what people don’t realized is that there is so much more to it than just the ‘goals’. I am a huge romantic, give me a romantic comedy and I am a happy person. I love fairy tales and any other sort of romantic story.

I am almost 15 years old. I am reaching the age where dating is a prospect. But I still haven’t had much, if any, luck in that area. I see a large amount of relationship goals on the internet but when I finally get into a relationship I know that it won’t be internet goals I’ll be following, I have better role models in my own house. My parents have been married almost 20 years and in that time they have been through so much. My birth was a very difficult one and a traumatic experience that left my mum with post traumatic stress. Dad never left her.

My brother and his girlfriend have God at the centre of their relationship.  He and his girlfriend are handling themselves very maturely and their relationship is the cutest thing I have ever seen. They are truly redefining romance.

God’s patchwork masterpiece

I was listening to UCB, a christian radio, a little while ago when I heard about God’s patchwork masterpiece. Basically someone went to heaven and had to sew the pieces of their life together. This guy, having finished, looked round and saw everyone else had the most amazing and beautiful pieces of cloth. Then looking at his he realized that it was full of holes and was ripped and ragged. After a while he was told that the reason his piece of cloth was so filled with holes because God was shining through.


So if you think that your life is filled with holes and cracks just remember, it is so God can shine through.


So I was writing today and this is what I came up, it’s a rap/spoken word. Enjoy. 🙂

Uh oh, look it’s the devil again,

Prodding me, coaxing me to sin,

Pushing me further towards the ledge,

It’s not till I look down that I realize that I’m on the edge.

I want to move, to walk, run, cry

I want to turn, tell the devil goodbye.

But his sweet lies dull the sense in my head,

There’s a part of me saying, if you do this you might end up in a hospital bed,

I know he doesn’t care,

Said he’s my friend, but when I need him he’s not there.

I can hear the angels call and tell me ‘It’s wrong’ 

But he makes me want to stamp and cry, the temptations too strong,

He tells me my friends don’t care but I’m not alone,

Said he loved me, moved in, broke my home.

I’m writing this in a house, slowly being built,

I’m writing this to get rid of the guilt,

Because the devil got to me again,

Because I listened to his whisper, ‘sin’

To throw my Bible away, say those words I regret,

Run from the mercy, the grace God sent,

Let those feelings run me over, flatten me,

Less responsible, I changed so quickly.

Tears that stained my face, sadness I said was joy,

Lies because I was worried about some boy.

Because I refused to forget,

A decision I will always regret,

I let those people get to my true being, my whole,

I let them break my heart, tear my soul,

They said ‘I’m your friend, I’ll always be there,’

Broke the promise, I used to care.

But now the words are water falling off my wings,

As I repent of all my sins.

A fight fought and lost, now fight and win,

God gave me hope, life is pointless without Him,

I don’t need Him to say He loves me,

All the time because I can see,

That He fought my battle in that fiery pit,

He became my shield and took every hit.

Pushed me back, took my place at the ledge,

Because He loves me He took my step over the edge.

I can’t imagine why I let my Bible grow dusty,

Why I let my faith grow rusty,

Prayers rarely sent to Him with the answer,

Crying in horror cos I listened to her,

But now I see my fault, look at the new me I’m creating,

And now I can laugh in the face of Satan. 

Stop the Traffic

Can you see the tears?

That has fallen from her eyes all these years?

Creating a puddle to clean her worn feet,

Look another standard she has to meet.

Working for him, doing things she never dreamt,

she would have to do, regretting the words she never meant.

She dries her tears fast,

As her captor walks past,

She wants to cry out and show her pain,

But she knows that that will give her no gain.

So she continues her work, the horrors are graphic,

She wishes someone would stop the traffic.

#TYLA: Attitude

Ok, guys, last week I was working through some stuff and really wasn’t in the right frame of mind to blog, But here I am, I’m back and ready to blog again.

Attitude is something I think we all struggle with. Especially teens. But what does the Bible say about it?

Philippians 1:27

27 Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Then, whether I come and see you or only hear about you in my absence, I will know that you stand firm in the one Spirit,[a]striving together as one for the faith of the gospel.

Concentrate mainly on the first part, ‘conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.’ Do you think that people see you as a Christian when you yell at your parents? Or when you start being cruel to other people? Or is it when you respect your parents and stick up for those being victimized that you are seen as a Christian? I can tell you now, it’s the latter.

God doesn’t direct us to disrespect our parents. He doesn’t tell us to have a bad attitude. He wants us to conduct ourselves in such a way that people can see HIM in US.

Do you have a part of your attitude that could do with being changed? Is there a person you are always being grouchy with? Ask God for help. Change won’t come immediately. It takes time. But you can do it. Let people see God through you because it’s your actions they’ll be watching rather than the words that come out of your mouth.