The Truth, part three

The final part is here!

London to Africa all around the world

Men and women are exploiting boys and girls,

We can’t witness 90% of the horror these people go through

We don’t know about half the things they have to do.

Forced prostitution and sexual abuse,

Trapped in a place of no escape for people to use.

Americans and Africans, they’re all alike,

Sold for sex, organs, and labour alike.

Children and adults, slaves to the harsh

Forced to love in a brothel, dye silk, fish in a marsh,

Treated with cruelty since they can remember,

No fire burns in their soul, there’s hardly an ember,

They exist even if they are invisible,

They’re still humans even if they aren’t able

To cry for help, to hold out a weak hand

Begging on their knees cos they can’t stand

Can you imagine a fate where you can’t be free

Where being a slave is all you can be

These are people, humans who deserve freedom, a life,

We need to stand together to deliver them from strife,

They have no hope, all they can see is death,

So why, when they call out, are we being deaf?


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