The truth, human trafficking poem part one

So this is part one of a very long poem on human trafficking, Enjoy!

The needle hums, the pain is sharp, a cut in the skin,

5 lines to show that she belongs to him

a tattoo on her neck, it will be there for eternity,

she’ll be with him as long, there is no certainty.

She doesn’t know if she’ll be alive when the sun hits the sky,

Sometimes she thinks it would just be better to die

Gone through night, now go all day,

she doesn’t have free will, it’s his choice, his way.

The clothes she wears are paid for through her body,

he says he loves her but she feels like a nobody.

Screaming but no one hears in the dead of night,

fell victim to the promises that he would treat her right.

no one realizes her pain exists,

they don’t realize her existence is based on this,

They can tell there’s a problem, blame the hormones, blame the teen,

But there might be more than meets the eye to be seen. 


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