More on Human trafficking.

Ok, I haven’t blogged recently…whoops. Holidays, birthdays and the start of school have really taken up a lot of my time. But I’m back. One of the subjects I do is law and as part of my homework, I had to look at legislations and bills already passed or going through the house of commons. Now one thing I noticed was there was a lot about Northern Ireland, the EU and stuff like that, but what really grasped my attention was the legislations passed or being looked at about Human Trafficking. I remembered that I was still fighting against that and wanted to turn the 1 percent of saved victims to 100 percent saved victims.

I was feeling slightly unconfident a little while ago and I was looking at guys who liked my twin and girls who liked my brother and thinking, ‘no one likes me, Why can’t someone ask me out?’ (Both my brother and sister either has a girlfriend or has been asked to be someone’s girlfriend) Then later that day I started reading Start here, the follow up to do hard things by Brett and Alex Harris. And I noticed a few things. I noticed that there was a little voice saying that there was some stuff God wants me to do before I let some of  my attention be taken by a boy. But those are for another blog post.

One thing I found out was that the choclate industry gets it’s cocoa from Africa, cocoa that is harvested by child slaves. Child slaves who have to carry more than a hundred pounds on their heads and are beaten if they don’t do it or work fast enough. Children who have to go into a forest that is likely filled with poisonous animals and fumes carrying CHAINSAWS (!!!) to cut down trees. Children who are scarred because they have to cut the cocoa beans with machetes that are more likely to sink into their flesh than break the bean.

Having found this out I made a decsion. I am not eating choclate. Not only will this hopefully make my diet healthier but it also means I will not be endorsing the human trafficking industry.


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