So I was writing today and this is what I came up, it’s a rap/spoken word. Enjoy. ūüôā

Uh oh, look it’s the devil again,

Prodding me, coaxing me to sin,

Pushing me further towards the ledge,

It’s not till I look down that I realize that I’m on the edge.

I want to move, to walk, run, cry

I want to turn, tell the devil goodbye.

But his sweet lies dull the sense in my head,

There’s a part of me saying, if you do this you might end up in a hospital bed,

I know he doesn’t care,

Said he’s my friend, but when I need him he’s not there.

I can hear the angels call and tell me ‘It’s wrong’¬†

But he makes me want to stamp and cry, the temptations too strong,

He tells me my friends don’t care but I’m not alone,

Said he loved me, moved in, broke my home.

I’m writing this in a house, slowly being built,

I’m writing this to get rid of the guilt,

Because the devil got to me again,

Because I listened to his whisper, ‘sin’

To throw my Bible away, say those words I regret,

Run from the mercy, the grace God sent,

Let those feelings run me over, flatten me,

Less responsible, I changed so quickly.

Tears that stained my face, sadness I said was joy,

Lies because I was worried about some boy.

Because I refused to forget,

A decision I will always regret,

I let those people get to my true being, my whole,

I let them break my heart, tear my soul,

They said ‘I’m your friend, I’ll¬†always be there,’

Broke the promise, I used to care.

But now the words are water falling off my wings,

As I repent of all my sins.

A fight fought and lost, now fight and win,

God gave me hope, life is pointless without Him,

I don’t need Him to say He loves me,

All the time because I can see,

That He fought my battle in that fiery pit,

He became my shield and took every hit.

Pushed me back, took my place at the ledge,

Because He loves me He took my step over the edge.

I can’t imagine why I¬†let my Bible grow dusty,

Why I let my faith grow rusty,

Prayers rarely sent to Him with the answer,

Crying in horror cos I listened to her,

But now I see my fault, look at the new me I’m creating,

And now I can laugh in the face of Satan. 


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