Is sharing your faith embarrassing?

Is sharing your faith embarrassing? Ok, so I know I haven’t been blogging properly recently cos I’ve only been talking about Human Trafficking and raising awareness for that. But God put this on my heart. So here’s a different blog post.

I’m 14 years old. I’m going through teen years being different to everyone around me. I’m homeschooled. I’m a bit of a nerd. Compared to my friends I’m poor. I’m loud. And above all that I have two different friend groups. One is a Christian group and the other is a Non-Christian group. A little while ago I would have been affected by what people thought of me. I would care if someone said I was a nerd. I would be upset if someone bullied me for the person I am. But that’s because I wasn’t confident in who I was in God. but things have changed. I’m not embarrassed by who I am. I’m going to be homeschooled for the next two years at least. Who cares? I don’t. I’m a bit of a nerd. Once again, who cares? I don’t. God has given me a brain that is different from others. If I look poor or sound nerdy or geeky, I don’t care. Because that is how God made me. Compared to my friends I’m poor. In money. But you know what I have? I have a dad who comes home at night. I have a mum who devotes her entire life to me and my siblings. I have an older brother who loves me and would do anything to protect me and my reputation. I have a twin who would rather have me by her side whilst she is annoyed at me than not have me at all. I have two little sisters who refer to me as ‘Supersister.’ I have friends who accept me for who I am. I don’t feel the need to change to fit society’s standards.

A year ago if someone asked me about my faith I would sorta cringe and mumble something about going to church and praying everyday. But that really wasn’t enough. Church was sunday school. And praying? I wasn’t doing that properly. I was always praying meaningless prayers like ‘help me win this.’ I wasn’t praying for other people and I definintly wasn’t spending time in God’s word. Then a change happened and one of my new years resolutions became to build a relationship with God again. You might have thought that, being the person I am, I would have had that one knocked off within a few weeks. Er think again. I started to kick start my writing career and that’s when I forgot about my build a relationship with God resolution. Then someone started bullying me and there was only so much adults could do to fix the damage. They could stop the person bullying me. They could tell me that all he said was untrue but really, the hurt was more than skin deep. I had to forgive him but I didn’t know how. Because what he said about me broke my heart. It knocked me down. And it was then that I turned to God. I was crying at 9 at night and just saying to God, why me? Why? Why God? Have I not suffered enough? (I went through a tricky friendship last year.) What was His answer? He said, Charlotte, I’m teaching you a lesson. I’m helping you prove your strength to those who think you can’t. And above that, I’m bringing you back to me in MY time. It was at that point I started reading Psalms. And I began to do research into what God says about treating your enemies. And that is when everything began to fall into place. God had taught me a valuable lesson. If I care about everything people say about me then I will never be able to stand up and tell nonchristians about God. If I care about how people see me then I will never be able to turn to a stranger and say, ‘can I pray for you?’ If I am embarrassed I won’t be able to live God’s plan to its fullest.

God had a valuable lesson to teach me that day. He wanted to teach me that if I care too much about what people think, then I’m missing a valuable quality that will help me tell Non-Christians about the one man who was willing to give his life for us. I don’t care anymore about how people see me. And about a week after that a boy at the local skatepark turned around and said, ‘Why are you a Christian? God isn’t real.’  And I found that I could stand there and say, Because I have a faith. Because I am alive. Because HE. IS. REAL. 

I could have chosen to just say, ‘I don’t know.’ or I could have changed the subject. But no. God had different plans. He was equipping me for that experience because once that had happened, I wanted to know more. I wanted to share my faith more. And you know what, I wasn’t embarrassed anymore. Because God is good. And God has a plan. And that plan will never fail you. God will never fail you.

So is sharing your faith embarrassing? No. This is a simple answer. You can’t be scared to stand in the middle of a skatepark or shopping center  and say to that person that God is good. Jesus wasn’t scared to stand in the middle of the street and be told that he was going to die. He wasn’t afraid to hang on that cross and say, ‘Lord forgive them. They know not what they have done.’ Jesus wasn’t afarid, so why should we be?


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