Just a Child

She’s just a child

Her blonde hair wild,

Dirt mars her sweet red cheeks

She’s been trapped for weeks.

He’s just a boy

His emotions have been used like a toy

He works hard, day and night.

He’s too weak to put up a fight.

Both had a family, a mum and a dad.

But there’s the cursed word ‘had’

They lost all they had that day in the park

When a greedy man tore the families apart.

A girl who must please a strange man.

A boy who must work as hard as he can.

Twenty-four hours with little to eat,

Even if they escaped they wouldn’t be able to make ends meet.

Stolen at 5, one of them is dead by seven.

But she’s free now, the boy lives to eleven.

Teens and young adults are not the only ones affected by the trafficking industry. 1.8 million children are taken and used globally. These children can be as young as infants. But to those who take them, age doesn’t matter. So long as the child can give them money they actually don’t care. Child slaves don’t get mercy because of their age. One child can serve up to 1,500 clients in one year. This needs to stop. Every minute two children are sold, that’s an estimate of 120 children whose lives are ruined in one hour. The current odds of escape: 1 in 100. 

Look around you. Maybe you have children? Or little brothers and sisters? They play freely, laughing and smiling. They don’t have to worry about what will happen if they don’t do what the man asks them. Now think of the children, the same age as the children around you, who eyes are dull. Who are so sad that their only smiles are fake. Who has a 1 in 100 chance of freedom. They don’t deserve that. No one deserves that. But what can you do? Pray. Remeber those the children as if you are chained with them. because, despite what we see and know, this is happening right now, this minute. 


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