Trafficked, a short story.

Chrissie looked at her phone, wondering why Jake hadn’t texted her today. Looking up at her mum who had asked if she was ok, Chrissie replied with,

“Yes Mum, I’m fine.” Chrissie cringed at the lie but knew she couldn’t tell her mother about her 23-year-old boyfriend. Chrissie was a tall, insecure, blonde just 17 years old and she was sat by the window, pretending to do homework. Instead, she was staring at her phone camera, trying to imagine herself looking like the pretty girls and models her friends and family seemed to prefer to her. All of them apart from Jake. Thinking about him brought a smile to her face which was soon replaced by a frown. Her phone pinged and she looked down and saw three words displayed under Jake’s name. Meet me now. 

“Mum? Can I go out, please?” She asked. Her mum who was on the phone nodded absently minded and Chrissie jumped up. Minutes later found her walking towards her boyfriend, who looked relieved to see her.

“Babe.” he greeted her with a hug.

“Heya.” She replied. Smiling she took his hand as they walked towards his car. “What are we gonna do today?” Jake shifted uncomfortably.

“I need you to do something for me.” He said. Chrissie’s eyes grew wide as he explained the task.

“I can’t do that Jake.” She protested. Jake grinned grimly,

Well, I’ll just have to tell your mum about the intimate details of our reltionship. You really don’t have a choice.” He threatened, opening his car door.


This short story only highlights a small part of the Human Trafficking industry. In the story, Jake is the man who has preyed on a young, insecure girl, Chrissie and is now blackmailing her into doing things against her will. Each year over 800, 000 people, mainly girls, succumb to the same treatment as Chrissie. They slowly begin to die inside and there is little hope of 99 percent of them to be rescued. I, and many others, are fighting to stop that. Traffickers prey on younger people who are homeless, isolated or just lonely. They reach out to them through friends and Facebook. In most cases, the trafficker is a boyfriend, friend or a member of the victims family. Trafficking is growing and needs to be stopped. Girls like Chrissie don’t deserve to be in captivity and men like Jake need to be stopped because after Chrissie isn’t of use anymore or no longer puts up a fight he’ll turn to different girls. Then more lives will be lost. I want that who read this to take action today. Just a simple thing. Read Hebrews 13:3 and pray for those victimized by trafficking industry. It’s the least we can do. 


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