They are trapped in a pit of their own dirt,

Used to know love but all they know now is hurt.

Looking through a crack in a wall,

knowing they’ll die if they break a single rule.

Hands tied, nowhere to go,

They have been a slave so long it’s all they know.

A boy who has to carry bricks all day,

A girl who must please a man, they can’t run, they must stay.

Another dark day in a mine,

Another faceless stranger leaving her crying.

They need someone to stand up for their lives,

They want someone to listen and break the lies.

Caught up, they can’t get free,

They are needing help from you and me.

I wrote this poem about Human Trafficking, a phenomenon that is rocking the world today. It is something I feel strongly about and am working to stop. No person should be sold, an item to be traded, someone’s commodity. No person is worth only $90, every person is priceless. What strikes me is people either know about this crime or they don’t and even if they do it is such a big thing that they don’t know what to do. I’m choosing to stand up for those in captivity, the countless who seem to have no hope. Because I’m free. I’m loved. And I believe that every person deserves that, no matter what has happened to them. 


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