Today I want to write about a guy who really inspires me. His name is Nate but his stage name is NF. He is a rapper who is a Christian. Not a Christian rapper, a rapper who is a Christian. I’m currently listening to his music as I write this and I’m smiling because his music inspires me and motivates me to follow my dreams, because, when he was my age, he was told he couldn’t do it and that he should get a real job. He didn’t listen to those who said that.

I was told recently that I couldn’t do it but I just thought back to what NF had said about it ‘turning the haters into my motivation.’ (Lyrics from Understand, NF) And I thought, let’s prove this guy wrong. Let’s show those people who think I can’t that I can.

I love rap. I happen to be one of the only people in my family who actually like rap. I rap all the time and love to memorize raps. I can rap 145 words in 15 seconds and it really helps me when I’m down. When I first started listening to rap I didn’t know many people who rapped but didn’t swear. So I looked up Christian rappers and I found people like TobyMac, faith-child, and lz7. (All of whom I have now met. :)) but there still seemed to be something missing. Their raps were quite calm and, for me, pretty slow. Then I saw a suggested video on youtube. And thus began my ascent into to NF fandom. The first song I ever listened to was Wake Up. Then I started listening to more of his songs and then I memorized Intro. That was fun.

NF went through a lot in his life and his music is written around those experiences. He is a good guy who truly loves his fans. He isn’t fake, he won’t talk trash behind someone’s back. He’s open and doesn’t pretend to be someone he isn’t. He is an inspiration to me and his music has helped me be more original.

I was talking to my sister about NF on the way to the shops to get food. Now, she’s 8, but somehow she still manages to be sassy, childish and wise at the same time. She listened to me talking about NF and then she turned around and she said,

“He’s your hero.” I had never thought of it that way before but I guess she’s right. There aren’t many people I aspire to be like, I only have a few heroes. My Mum, My Dad, my drama teacher and, now, I’ve just realized, NF.

  1. 1.
    a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

The above is the dictionary definition of a hero, and for me, personally, NF fits the criteria really well.

So who are your heroes? Who inspires you? Who do you aspire to be like? Because those are the people who will shape the way you grow but just remember, aspire to be like them whilst being like YOU.


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