Hi, sorry I haven’t blogged recently. We started summer holidays and then the wifi broke down but I’m back now! And today I want to talk about a song. This song is called Priceless by For King and Country.

For King and Country are two brothers, Joel and Luke Smallbone, who are working wonders through their music. They are a Christian pop band and their song Priceless was written specifically for their film, Priceless, which is about human trafficking. But the song itself isn’t about human trafficking. The song is about how you are priceless no matter what.

The For King and Country campaign against human trafficking is what inspired me to write a novel about that exact subject. And then another one. They are an inspiration to me, not only because they are good christian men, but also because they aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe. They aren’t ashamed to stand on stage and say, “Every girl is priceless. No matter what they did, who they are or were. They are priceless.” They are standing up to one of the biggest crimes in the world today and they trust that God will take them places and that He can change the cruelty of men and women who take other men and women for money. And He can. I believe that God can change a heart through a simple touch. Or a word or even a song.  They trust God above all and believe that He is all powerful and willl never ever leave them.


I think that the song Priceless is a very isnpirational song for girls and it was also the turning point of my life. Last year I saw For King and Country live for the first time in the UK. I heard Priceless live on stage and as I listened tears were pouting down my face because I needed to hear the words they had to say. I needed to hear those lyrics, otherwise, I wouldn’t be the girl  I am today. Their strength and commitment to making a change in the world inspired me to stand up for what I believe. They inspired me to begin a change in the world, smilig at starngers, raising awareness for human trafficking. All because of one song. One message that God had planned for me to hear before I even knew it.

So if you are male or female and need encouragementg, or to know that God still loves you, go check out the song Priceless. For all you know it could be the turning point of your life.


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