Currently I am listening to the rap/spoken word Dream by Clayton Jennings and Blake Whiteley. I think their message is very important because so many people these days forget to dream, or are told their dreams are never going to go anywhere. But God created your dreams, so follow them! Work hard at what you love. Be willing to dream more than you ever have before because when you start dreaming, that’s when the amazing things happen.


This was a short post because I’m really busy at the moment and am currently on summer holidays but i shall still try to blog at least once a week.


Fathers and Daughters

When I first hit teen years I had no idea what my dad would go through, sometimes it still baffles me.  One of my frequent phrases was, “why is Daddy always angry at me? Why is he always telling me to take my nose ring out and to wear higher cut tops?” What I didn’t understand at the time, and still don’t sometimes, was that Dad still sees me as the innocent nine year old who would run to greet him at the door, instead of the tall, almost adult, 14 year old who is always ready to go out when he comes home.

During my 13th year I really struggled with the rules that had suddenly been set down. Not being allowed to date, or wear what I want or draw tattoos on my arm made me rebellious and disrespectful. He was working really hard to protect me and keep our relationship strong and I was just being stubborn and selfish, ruining the relationship he was working so hard to protect. He was tearing down the walls I put up and on the other side I was building more walls.

I decided recently that in order to get more freedoms and be happier I should probably just follow the rules he had set down. I stopped drawing on my arm and wearing loads of Gothic jewelry. My tops slowly became higher cut and I changed without a fuss whenever he asked me to. But that’s not the point to this blog post.

My dad is my hero. Always has been. I will be lucky if one day I can marry a man like my dad. He is stable, strong and protective. He’s always there when I need him and he gives up so much just so I can have something that I want. More importantly, he always comes home at night. I could have ruined my relationship with him, if I had wanted to. If he hadn’t fought so hard, he and I may not even be talking to each other right now. And that would have been the biggest mistake I could have made. Luckily he’s Irish and stubborn and therefore wouldn’t let that happen. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without him in it. I probably wouldn’t be as stable as I am and…well I don’t want to even imagine where I would be without him.

So to the girls who think they hate their dads or don’t understand why they are acting as they are, it’s because they love you. And they are struggling with you growing up as much as you are. They look at you and see a little girl who still needs their protection. Because really, even if you aren’t little, you do still need protection.  So girls, don’t diss your dad, because one day you will wonder why you ever hurt him and broke the rules. And one day you will wish your dad was beside you and, if you ruined your relationship with him, he might not be there. But it is more likely that no matter what he will be waiting for you to come home, his arms never tiring from standing, open wide, ready to greet you when you get home.

I’m not sure what to call this

Another piece of writing for you all today. Like the title says , I’m not sure what to call this. I wrote it just after the Manchester bombing.

Why are nations dropping bombs on rival people?

Supremacist flags flying on a steeple,

Willows whip around an abandoned lake

People saying they love each other, but it’s all fake.

Wars being fought

But the score says nought nought.

I’m writing this after a bomb was dropped

and 22 people’s lives were stopped.

A man trying to bring around paradise

Bombing a concert, paying a price,

A family torn apart by the death of a child,

because someones’s beliefs went wild.

Bombing countries, ruining lives for paradise,

paying the ultimate price.


Why can’t we all get along?

A million voices raised in one song?

Why take the world on a ride

for the selfish matter of pride?

Families broken, people cry,

Governments sign a treaty and still more die.

Our world is falling apart

It seems like no one has a heart

So many have died

Whilst so many more have cried.

Children no longer have a mum or dad,

Forced to remember who they had.

The world can’t seem to live in peace,

falling apart, piece by piece.

This is the only world we have, just the one.

So why are we treating it all wrong?


Hope you liked it. 🙂




Modesty is something that can be thrown out during the teen years, especially during the summer. The sun actually shines and suddenly the lads have their shirts off and the girls are waltzing around in short shorts and crop tops.

I struggled for quite a long time with the fact that my parents never let me wear short shorts or crop tops. I was running round in jeans and a tee shirt in highs of 29 degrees. Other girls were tanning in a bikini or hanging out with ice cream, wearing crop tops and shorts. What I didn’t understand at the time was that my worth did not come from what clothes I wore and what positive attention I received because of what I was wearing.

 “Women should adorn themselves modestly and appropriately and sensibly in seemly apparel, not with elaborate hair arrangement or gold or pearls or expensive clothing,” (1 Timothy 2:9 AMP)

I like this verse because it shows that our worth doesn’t come from man or woman or nice clothes and jewelry, it comes from God. And some people don’t realize that, because they don’t know how much God loves them.

A Flower

This is going to be a strange post. I was going through my writing the other day when I found a notebook I had recently finished. I decided I wanted to flick through it and see how my writing had improved in the month that had passed since I had finished using said notebook.  I found a piece I had written about two months ago about the events of last year, where my twin and I were hollered at and treated badly by a certain set of teen boys from our village. I want to share this writing with you because I feel it is something God has asked me to do. Stand up for girls and boys alike and stop the horrific treatment of both that happens in some places in the world. So without further ado the piece of writing.

A girl is like a gem. Treat her with the love and respect she is worth and she will shine for you. And yet if you disrespect her or treat her with hate she will become dull and sometimes broken. 

A boy is like a tree. If he is treated with care and appreciation he grows strong and handsome. If he is climbed upon or disrespected then he will slowly fall apart. 

When a gem falls into the right hands it is treated with kindness and love. It is shown off to people but still treated properly. A girl should be treated like a delicate flower. When in the wrong hands gem stones can be tossed about and sometimes broken. The respect they deserve can’t seem to be found and they aren’t treated properly. The same goes for girls, in the wrong hands they can be bruised and treated badly. The people to whom the hands belong forget that girls are a delicate flower.

A tree is a vital part of life. They are good for the environment and are a stunning addition to life, on display for everyone to see. But there are some people who chop trees down and ruin the beauty and help that the trees give so willingly. Boys are like trees. They flourish under care, they are good for the environment and can be a dazzling addition to society. But if boys are chopped down and treated badly they are ruined.

Girls are like gemstones. They are also like flowers, a thing of beauty that can be appreciated or hurt. Treat them like a flower and they will bloom beautifully, they will go from a seed to a flower. A girl to a woman.  However, if you treat them like a weed they will break.

Same goes for boys. They are like the trees, a thing of strength and charm for all to see. Treat them as such and they will grow from a seedling to a tree, from a boy to a man. Treat them as something that you don’t need, they will act like that. They will break like a tree under the oppression of an ax.

I hope you liked this. Like I said, something different today.


Who are you?

Who are you? Or more importantly, who am I? A question teens around the world ask themselves daily. Something I struggled with for a long time, identity. When you are a teenager finding your own identity can be difficult. As someone close to me said,

“I just want to be different!” This is an understandable feeling, especially seeing as the world we live in tends to require a certain body shape, certain clothes and a certain kind of intelligence.

I struggled for about a year and a half with my identity. I pulled away from God and then turned Gothic. My attitude slowly changed and I was different but not in a good way. Flash forward a few months and my dad took me to big church day out 2016. This was the turning point in my relationship with my parents, which was them trying to keep it stable and me always turning away. About a month after that Mum and Dad took our entire family to lunch. Mum made me sit next to my Dad, who’s relationship with me had been most damaged by my actions. Then the parents proceeded to tell me that, because they didn’t approve of my current clothing choice, that we were going shopping. Another major turning point. The reason I was struggling with my identity was because of a toxic friendship that came to an end soon after. I felt as if I was unloved by those around me and that nobody cared. My parents going on a shopping spree with me showed me how much they love me.

For teens there is so much to go through and so much to change. We have to do this and that, averaging good grades whilst having a good social life and getting a job. And even though we are expected to do this by some people there are other people out there who basically think we won’t go anywhere in life.

This isn’t about the low expectations though, this is about finding yourself and being comfortable with who you are. I have a few tips for you if you are struggling with who you are.


1: Be assured in who you are in God. It doesn’t matter what you do and who you become, He will still love you.

2: Don’t go searching the far corners of the earth. God’s timing is perfect and he will reveal things to you as he sees fit.

3: You are made in God’s image, this means there is no flaw in your looks. You are not fat or ugly, despite what people may say.

4: You need to admit you are broken before you can be fixed. I know as a teen one doesn’t tend to want to admit that you are weak and need help. But people need to know that you are broken before they can help.

It took me time and lessons to find my identity and become comfortable in who I am. It didn’t happen over night, so don’t think it will for you. Finding yourself is a journey and journeys are never easy or short. But they can be enjoyable. So instead of worrying about the future and how you are going to find yourself, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey which is life.

Obsession and Idols

Have you ever been in the situation where your parents have called you to their room to tell you that you spend too much time on YouTube and not enough time doing more wholesome things? For me it has happened a lot. I would spend all my spare time watching silly YouTube videos on boy bands and makeup. It was a few months ago when I realized that the obsession of boy bands and trying to look like Facebook makeup artists wasn’t helping my relationship with God. I saw that obsessing over rap songs where the lyrics were, ‘swear word, uh, swear word, the, swear word’, wasn’t exactly healthy for me.

Obsessing over boy bands is OK, in small doses, (once again, girl’s point of view..but it is for all.) But when every spare moment is spent stalking these guys and watching their videos, snap chat story and Instagram story, that is not healthy. You end up forgetting homework, chores and sometimes God. You get influenced by their actions, their rudeness, clothes and anything they could influence you in by mistake.

If this happens then you can end up idolizing them. And the second commandment clearly states that we should have no other gods before the one and only. When you idolize something or someone you hurt God. It saddens Him to see His precious children off track. But He is a good, gracious and forgiving God and if we realize our mistakes we can run back to Him and He will be standing there with arms wide open.


So my question for you today is, what do you obsess over? Football? Makeup? Clothes? Boy or girls? Do you need to examine your life and change some things? Is God missing in important places?

My challenge for you is this: having examined your life and found yourself to be guilty of obsessing and idolizing things, (should you be doing that), change.Not anything drastic but make God the core center of your life. He is your rock, your anchor in the storm. It is He who can save you when you are drowning. Make Him the center of your life. Everything you do, do for the glory of God.