As an aspiring author I feel it is good to practice writing as much as possible. Sometimes I struggle to write the more…..traditional blog posts. So today I am going to be sharing with you a story written from a prompt word. (Scandalous I know!)

Time. No one has much of it, it runs out and disappears before anyone  can do anything about it. Before I met you I was running out of time. I could feel myself drying up, as if time was the very blood in my veins. Then you turned up and suddenly you were time.You kept me alive and saved my life. You put the blood back in my veins. You made my life bright. I could feel myself becoming healthy and I began to smile more. You gave me more time to live and my life was lived with you. And then you left me and I was no longer alive. I was once again running out of time. I’m running from everyone else hold because they just take my time. 


See there was a deal that I was never told. You could only be a part of my life for a time. There, that cursed word..time. It hurts to hear the word time, because I can only associate time with you. And now I’m running out of time again. Because time doesn’t last forever. And I forgot that because I was under the illusion of time.