Internet Friends

Internet friends. I’m sure at least one of my readers have one or more internet friends.  I have many. The first, S, I met last year. We started talking on Pinterest. Soon we were talking everyday. After a few months we exchanged numbers and began to text. But we still talked on Pinterest more. That was when I had to leave Pinterest for reasons I’m not going to reveal. But by then I had snapchat and we talked on there. By that time she was going through things so we didn’t talk much. Then I had to delete snap-chat. We found each other on Facebook. I can safely say she is one of my best friends now. We don’t talk all the time but she is someone I want to meet. Someone I trust. Someone I care about.

I then met 5 other people on a website for young writers. The first I talk to about writing. We haven’t gone far in out friendship yet. The second I can safely say is one of my best friends on the website. The third, another best friend. The fourth is a work in progress. And the fifth, well we are getting to be good friends.

Then I have other friends my mum gave me the emails to. They are daughters of Mum’s blogging friends. I get along really well with two of them in particular.

How do I know these people are who they say they are? I don’t. But I am honest with my parents and I don’t give out too many details on me. I wait at least six months before sharing numbers and other social media. I develop a trust with these people and so far they have been who they say they are.


I guess my point to this post was that the internet doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You can make amazing friends and still be safe. You don’t have to be afraid when that person DMs you or messages you. There are so many things you can do to block people or make some of the best friends you will ever have. Those who aren’t liars on the internet are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I swear.




Change this land.

So I write, a lot. And recently I have been trying out writing rap/spoken word. This is one that I would like to share with you.


Everyone’s going on about this actor, this singer,

This person who’s the next big winner.

We aren’t seeing the people with no food,

We’re only concentrating on this singers mood.

There’s children  with no mum or dad, they’re all alone.

We have all this money, but they have no home.

We’ve all been concentrating on brands like Gucci,

Always wanting that brand new Louis.

There are children without a top on their back,

And we are still caught in society’s trap.

Adults who have no job to their name,

but we are still running round calling them insane.

Lazy, insolent, why are you alive, why can’t you get this right?

Why are you out all day and all night?

You’re living on the street,

But you can’t catch any heat.

Walking around with your pants sagged down,

Walking around looking like a clown.

We aren’t helping the homeless on the corner.

A single mother but we ‘have no money for her.’

Caught up in our own little life,

Ignoring the people succumbed to strife.

All we care about is how much money we spend.

When for some people today is the end.

Why can’t we take a stand?

Spread love throughout this land.

Forget the money we have in our pocket.

And if you can, please give it,

To the homeless and hungry you can see.

I know giving away this money could be tricky,

But if we listen and make a stand,

We can fully change this land. 


Hope you liked this.