Bad Days

Sometimes your day can be rubbish. Everything goes wrong,  you can’t touch something without it breaking. You wonder what the point of getting up that morning was.

Everyone has bad days. It might only be today – tomorrow could be better…. or worse. The thing is, you’re not the only one.  All we can do is hold our heads high and not let it get to us.  Every person, at some point in their life, will wake up one morning and know that the day ahead will be bad. They’ll go through the morning and know that their hunch was correct.  The day is rubbish.

But, it’s how they react to it that defines the rest of their day/week/month/year.

If you are having a bad day today, keep your head held high and never give up. Today might be bad, tomorrow may be worse but it doesn’t last forever. We have the choice to let our day be bad or do something about it. If you’re bullied and dread the morning, tell your parents or a teacher.  If  you don’t like what fills your day, try to change one or two things.  It will make a difference.  Don’t let one bad day or person define your attitude.

Keep your head held high and keep a smile on your face. Today is bad, tomorrow might be worse but it doesn’t last forever.




Does goodness still exist world filled with so much hatred?

Our world is filled with so much suffering.  People die everyday and sometimes murderers get away with it.  There are homeless on the street with no food, family or warmth. People see them but don’t do anything to help. This leads me to my question today, does goodness still exist in a world filled with so much hatred?

Yes, of course it does!  Why would it not? The human race is selfish, but every once in  while someone comes along and blows us all away. Sometimes it’s a child no older than 8.

Recently I watched a video on YouTube. (a daily occurrence.) 

It was called ‘Would You Hit A Girl?’ In it the people filming found 5 young boys. They then introduced them to a girl. Having introduced her the filmer told the boys to do stuff with her:

Hug her.

Pat her on the back.

Make her laugh.

The boys carried out these tasks perfectly. Then the man said, ‘hit her.’ The boys just stopped, then turned on him and said ‘no’. Upon being asked why, they proceeded to say:

‘It’s  against the law. It’s wrong.’  Then one five year old came out with an answer which almost made me cry.

He turned around and said, ‘Because I’m a man.’

This five year old knows more about  being a man than some people I see on the street.

This one story is proof that goodness does still exist. Wars keep going on. People keep dying. But goodness is still here. It lives in the hearts of heroes who don’t even think twice about their actions.

Goodness still exists.